May 18, 2022, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

doors 2022

Second Edge Computing Workshop

co-operated with XIV International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (ICon-MaSTEd 2022)


Peter the Great hacked through a window to Europe. We use doors.
Edge Computing Workshop (doors) is a peer-reviewed international Computer Science workshop focusing on research advances and applications of edge computing, a process of building a distributed system in which some applications, as well as computation and storage services, are provided and managed by (i) central clouds and smart devices, the edge of networks in small proximity to mobile devices, sensors, and end users; and (ii) others are provided and managed by the center cloud and a set of small in-between local clouds supporting IoT at the edge.
The goal of doors is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry working on edge computing to share their ideas, discuss research/work in progress, and identify new/emerging trends in this important emerging area. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the demand for responsiveness, privacy, and situation-awareness are pushing computing to the edge of the Internet. There are many challenges in the design, implementation, and deployment of different aspects of edge computing: infrastructure, systems, networking, algorithms, applications, etc. doors would like to open discussions in these areas.

doors topics of interest are opened to:

  • algorithms and techniques for machine learning and AI at the edge
  • cellular infrastructure for edge computing
  • distributed ledger technology and blockchain at the edge
  • edge computing infrastructure and edge-enabled applications
  • edge-based data storage and databases
  • edge-optimized heterogeneous architectures
  • fault-tolerance in edge computing
  • fog computing models and applications
  • geo-distributed analytics and indexing on edge nodes
  • hardware architectures for edge computing and devices
  • innovative applications at the edge
  • interoperability and collaboration between edge and cloud computing
  • monitoring, management, and diagnosis in edge computing
  • processing of IoT data at network edges
  • programming models and toolkits for edge computing
  • resource management and Quality of Service for edge computing
  • security and privacy in edge computing

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Authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers (at least 6 pages) including surveys, tutorials, perspective/colloquia articles in workshop topics of interest through the Morressier ( by December 14, 2021.

To submit materials to the workshop, select “doors @ ICon-MaSTEd 2022: Edge Computing Workshop at Zhytomyr” in the “More information” section.

By submitting a paper an author and all co-authors are assumed to agree with the terms of the IOP Proceedings Licence.

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by three reviewers on the basis of technical quality, relevance, originality, significance, and clarity. If necessary, a fourth, additional reviewer will be involved. The Program Committee will use these reviews to determine which papers will be accepted for presentation at the workshop. The result of the reviewing will be announced to the submitting authors by email, along with reviewer comments, if any.

Accepted papers will be submitted to the open access Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Online ISSN: 1742-6596 / publisher: IOP Publishing) in three month after workshop.

Primary requirements

Submissions should be:
  • basically, correct and sound;
  • original (not published elsewhere partly or in full and not submitted to other venues for simultaneous consideration);
  • written in English;
  • presented at the workshop in any language (at least one author of each article should attend to the conference);
  • in line with the scope of doors.
  • A maximum of two articles per author is accepted.
  • One paper shouldn't have more than five authors.
  • The number of references in the list of references should not be less than 10.
  • Self-citations should not exceed 10 %.
  • Authors are encouraged to refer to the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) for all aspects of publication ethics ( and to strictly conform to the ethical rules described on, in particular:
  • A single study is not split up into several parts to increase the quantity of submissions and submitted to various edited book projects or journals or to one journal over time (e.g. "salami-publishing").
  • No data have been fabricated or manipulated (including images) to support the manuscript's conclusions.
  • No data, text, or theories by others are presented as if they were the authors own ("plagiarism"). Proper acknowledgements to other works must be given (this includes material that is closely copied (near verbatim), summarized and/or paraphrased), quotation marks are used for verbatim copying of material, and permissions are secured for material that is copyrighted.
  • Consent to submit has been received from all co-authors and responsible authorities at the institute/organization where the work has been carried out before the work is submitted.
  • Authors whose names appear on the submission have contributed sufficiently to the scientific work and therefore share collective responsibility and accountability for the results.
  • Formatting options

    Paper submission

      In case you have never worked with the Morressier before, you need to create your account using "Sign in or create your account" form. You will be offered to enter your email and click the 'Next' button. The instructions for signing into Morressier would be sent to your email. After complete registration you should sign in and complete submission form.

      To submit materials to the workshop, select “doors @ ICon-MaSTEd 2022: Edge Computing Workshop at Zhytomyr” in the “More information” section.

      Due to the double blind peer review mode, you need to prepare 2 versions of your article in PDF format, a regular manuscript and an anonymized manuscript. Please remove any identifying information, such as authors' names or affiliations, from your anonymized manuscript before submission. In addition to following the instructions above, other steps need to be taken to ensure the manuscript is correctly prepared for double-blind peer review. The key points to consider are:

      • Please don’t use authors name to refer to your previously published article. For example, write “Soloviev and Mintii [1] have demonstrated” rather than “we/the authors have previously demonstrated [1]”.
      • Also, make sure that any figures and tables do not contain any reference to author affiliations.
      • Choose uploaded file name anonymized.


    doors 2022 requires that every workshop participant, not necessarily a speaker, but also a listener, registers at the workshop. A dedicated registration service will be provided for this step. We need your registration for:
  • Personalizing your workshop information bundle, including the badge with your name and affiliation
  • Offer additional services to you: e.g. visa support, hostel booking, official invitation letter preparation
  • Collecting statistical information about session attendance, including social events – for proper resource planning
  • Letting the other workshop participants know who you are to facilitate networking
  • Please choose the right item for you to complete the registration, the registration fee is listed as follows:

        Authors (With presentation) - 65 GBP
        Audience - No Fee

    Important Notice:
  • Registration fee covers the conference fee, conference material (conference program, certification...), coffee/tea break.
  • Each paid registration covers only one paper and one attendee.
  • At least one author for each final paper, accepted by doors 2022 Program Committee, must register.
  • Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side.
  • All papers accepted by Program Committee will be submitted to the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject any papers if in its opinion, or those of its advisers, any papers are considered inappropriate for publication by the publisher.
  • Organizing committee exempted from any reimbursement of fees if the article are rejected by the publisher.


    Submission Deadline

    December 14, 2021


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    Notification Due

    February 20, 2022


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    Final Submission Deadline

    March 10, 2022


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    Registration Due

    April 26, 2022


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    Workshop Day

    May 18, 2022


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    Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University, Department of Software Engineering, 103 Chudnivska Str., Zhytomyr, 10005, Ukraine


    Tetiana Vakaliuk, +380-96-065-3099,